In Fluorider, you play as Fluorider. Battle plaque in the mouth realm with your sick moves.

Made for Ludum dare 38 by

code by Ultdev

player by Artisano

background by Cloesy

hitsparks/teeth by neognw

enemies by blackhook

sound effects by memowave and +TEK

music by chip jockey

font by mitsame

testing by cloesy/neognw/blackhook/memowave/z-bata/jec_m/sinoc


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Works fine for me using apps WebGL player :)

I'm using Chrome, control input doesn't work.

did you try clicking the game and then trying again?

(1 edit)

A bunch of times. Is this webgl? I had the same problem, unresolved, on my game.

yeah this is a webgl game